I attribute Jen’s success to her immeasurable belief in young children as treasures worthy of our investments and even sacrifices to provide exposure, experiences and nurturing that expands their horizons and launches them on paths to achieve their highest potential. Jen is a person of high ethics, high expectations, hard and diligent in work, daring in forging ahead even in uncharted and unknown areas, all while respecting her circle of peers, leaders and workers and her mandate to do meaningful work through partnering in order to build enduring services and experiences for children and communities. 

Mel Ming, Retired CEO, Sesame Workshop

Jennifer is a dynamic, passionate, and inspiring speaker. She performed at the National Association for Gifted Children Annual Convention to 3,000 educational leaders. Her keynote address on igniting potential of children was a highlight of the Convention.   

M. Rene Islas, Executive Director, National Association for Gifted Children

Jen is an incredibly innovative thinker and leader. She has led the development of a number of groundbreaking programs and products in the informal learning sector, and represents the best of what this field can do to improve the lives and learning of children and families.

Laura Huerta Migus, Executive Director, Association of Children’s Museums

Jen’s magnetic personality and vision resonate through her projects. Her work is full of playful learning and compassionate environments that support today’s kids and get them ready to approach tomorrow’s challenges.

Michele Borba, Author of Unselfie

A natural and innovative leader, Jen has the proven capacity to build and leverage programs and organizations to create national impact. Her tireless work on equity has significantly contributed to creating a generation of girls ready for STEM careers.  She combines marketing savvy and creativity in ways that attract kids to engage in their brightest and most productive futures.

Karen Peterson, CEO, National Girls Collaborative