Jen loves inspiring others through keynotes, creative workshops and training.

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An excerpt from her speech at the National Association for Gifted Children, “We are all stewards of the magic of childhood”
“I can tell you that I firmly believe in magic in our sector.  Whether you are in formal or informal education, you’ve seen it.  Magic is the light going on in your student. Magic is the connection between learning something and performing or demonstrating it.  Magic is an unusual bond between you and one of your students that in some unsaid way bubbles into more than what you’re teaching. Whatever kind of magic you create as an educator, it all boils down to one thing.  Confidence.” – Jennifer Stancil

Jennifer is a dynamic, passionate, and inspiring speaker. She performed at the National Association for Gifted Children Annual Convention to 3,000 educational leaders. Her keynote address on igniting potential of children was a highlight of the Convention.   

M. Rene Islas, Executive Director, National Association for Gifted Children