In 2006, the Girls, Math & Science Partnership launched an innovative awareness and advocacy campaign. Just on the edge of the newly coined Twitterverse, we wanted to send a message from girls all over the world. Using our site, BrainCake.org and our in-person programs all around Pittsburgh and at the Carnegie Science Center, we shared a letter that parents, teachers, girls and boys could send to NASA. When we found out NASA rejected the financial commitment to making a SMALL space suit that would accommodate more female astronauts.

Over 1700 letters were sent to NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration to protest their decision not to make a space suit small enough for women.  Today, another astronaut is sidelined.  This NPR article shares the background of spacesuits, space walks and women.   Equity and Girls in STEM are worth the investment.

I’m sorry we’re not making herstory this month in space.  Let’s make this right. #SpaceShouldSuitMeJustFine #girls #stem

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