Girls using their voice for change

Happy International Women’s Month!   

About four years ago, I received a Women of Distinction Award from the Girl Scouts.  Many councils across the nation celebrate women and their achievements this way and I was so honored to be recognized and to also be able to publicly thank my family for their support.  My particular category selection was based on being an influential woman in media and so, my speech reflected on that time. Before Notorious RBG movies, AOC, #metoo and the Women’s March, I talked about how media *could* be used positively for women.  

My speech talked about an “unprecedented” control for women in media.  It talked about the speed at which platforms are being adopted to help us tell our stories.  I said, “the advent of devices that can document the real lives, stories, aspirations and accomplishments of women and girls is now at our fingertips.”

Four years later, we’ve learned better how to harness the power of Twitter, Instagram and OUR OWN voices for change, yet we still sit in a tumultuous media landscape.  My call to action remains the same: I challenge you to make more media about, for, and with women of substance and change the tenor of media to one that is explicitly supportive and uplifting for women and girls.

One thought on “Girls using their voice for change

  1. Just as a note – the picture above was used when I received my award….it’s of me as a 7 year old Brownie. You can hear more of the story in my short speech above.

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